NAPC welcomes passage of the expanded maternity leave; Maternity should never be a burden—NAPC Sec. Liza Maza

The National Anti-Poverty Commission (NAPC) lauds the passage of Senate Bill (SB) 1305 or the “Expanded Maternity Leave Law of 2017 which seeks to grant 120 days of maternity leave to expectant mothers in the government, private, and informal sectors. 

“Maternity should never be a burden. But it becomes such when you have to worry about the security of your job while trying to recover and and take care of your new-born, ”  Maza added.  

The current law only allows 60 days of paid leave for expectant mothers. Under SB 1305, all female workers, regardless of civil status or legitimacy of her child, shall be granted 120 days maternity leave with pay and an option to extend it for another 30 days without pay. 

“Working women are already suffering disproportionately with the wage gap, long working hours, and poor working conditions and environment.  The extended maternity leave will provide the much-needed relief to these women who have to bear the load of ensuring the day-to-day survival of their families,” Maza further said. 

The extended 120-day maternity leave is one of the priority legislative agenda of NAPC under the Human Development and Poverty Development Cluster (HDPRC). 

“A comprehensive social protection program is integral to the new anti-poverty framework and agenda of NAPC. Social protection is one of the 10 basic needs of the poor identified by our agency, along with food and land reform, water, shelter, education, health, work, healthy environment, peace, and participation.” Maza further said.